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Acupuncture and Herbs Scope of Practice

·Cervical spondylosis(neck Pain)

·Knee Osteoarthritis(Knee Pain)

·Frozen shoulder

·Lumbar disc herniation

·Low back pain



·Repetitive Strain Injuries

·Musculoskeletal Injuries

·Sports/Dance Injuries








·Menopausal syndrome


·Stomachache (Gastritis, Gastric ulcer)

Frank Geng Min Tang


Frank Geng Min Tang has 35 years of clinical experience in the field of Chinese Herbs and acupuncture. He graduated with a Master Degree in TCM from FuJian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. and a PhD Degree in TCM from Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  He held successful titles of supervising professor for post-graduate students at HuBei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, associate director of Fracture Department at HuBei Hospital for Chinese Medicine, assistant secretary-general for the Fracture chapter at China Association of Chinese Medicine, secretary-general and committee member for the Fracture Committee at HuBei Association of Chinese Medicine.

He is the Director for Toronto Acupuncture Centre, President of Canadian Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Secretary-general of the Canadian Society of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Executive council member of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, Vice President of Specialty Committee of Orthopedics and Traumatology of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, and visiting professor for LiaoNing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Geng Min Tang concentrates his effort in clinical practice, research, and teaching of traditional Chinese Orthopedics. He has been either in charge, or has participated in 6 research projects. He has published 8 books and 30 theses on Chinese Orthopedics, and has won 6 rewards from the Chinese Government or international research groups for his research findings.

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